United Closing Services (UCS) is a full-service timeshare company specializing in cancellations, closing, buying, renting, and reselling timeshare, points, units, and apartments at Villas Worldwide.


Our approach is 100% client-focused, and our #1 goal is to provide exceptional service. We are proud to say that we have been part of the timeshare industry for over a decade. Over the last ten years, we have invested thousands of dollars annually in developing our services. We target global audiences of consumers, driving hundreds of qualified buyers and renters to our facilities monthly. Our advertising and marketing efforts have resulted in offers and successful timeshare sales for our clients repeatedly. Our main goal is to provide superior service and to offer our clients our expertise and dedication. Through the years, we have seen the industry expand its roots from the United States of America throughout Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.


Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent your timeshare unit(s), our team is ready to work for you immediately. Our agents are always available and at your service to provide exceptional service. As an addition to our client-focused approach, TOM does not charge commissions. There are no hidden, closing, or appraisal fees (1). We have walk-in locations in different parts of the world to assist sellers and buyers.


Every step of the closing stage is handled with precision and care.  The entire transaction and process are documented and communicated to both seller and buyer.


We welcome you to allow one of our dedicated professional agents at United Closing Services (UCS) to help save you time and money. Most of the timeshares we process are resales by owners or have been advertised by companies

These are showcased through our live presentations system.

We have many facilities in multiple locations to provide you with dedicated service. Our walk-in centers are located within:

Please Note: We are not affiliated nor work in conjunction with any advertising or listing companies.


(1) As stated by the American Resort Developers Association (ARDA); “timeshare owners who wish to sell their timeshare, are only required to cover their legal expenses before the sale could be finalized.”